Is This Winning Strategy For USC?

When USC hired Mike Bohn, the one thing that seemed certain was he would be a big improvement over Lynn Swann because Swann was frequently off playing golf or unaccounted for.

But lately, I’ve been hearing this complaint more from inside the athletic dept. regarding Bohn, including this week.

“I rarely see the guy,” an administrator told me this week. “I see a lot of emails from his staff telling me what I’m not supposed to do every day.”

If you boiled down the current strategy, it seems to be to suck up to the athletes at all costs and take a laissez-faire strategy on coaches. That means no action on Clay Helton. No contract extension for Andy Enfield and no counter-offer for track coach Caryl Smith Gilbert before she went to Georgia.

A high-ranking administrator at another school who worked with Bohn previously put it this way: “He is super boring and in everyone’s business. He doesn’t have many friends or contacts in the business.”