USC: Things Are Getting A Little Crazy In Heritage Hall

It’s getting a little crazy at Heritage Hall.

I hear an official who is tasked with fielding complaints from athletic dept. employees is leaving because they heard too many grievances from the rank-and-file workers.

There are some people in the athletic dept. who despised by their co-workers for their behavior and the way they throw around power in the dept. It’s become viewed as a poor place to work by quite a few employees.

It’s a sad day for those who go to USC because they loved the school, the athletes or their co-workers.

  • I spoke to a former USC football player who noted he did not see Mike Bohn at a Trojan Football Alumni Club golf tournament on Monday.

Now maybe Bohn showed up and the football player didn’t notice him. But this adds to the perception that Bohn has been MIA a lot lately.

It’s no secret former track coach Caryl Smith Gilbert thought it was poor for Bohn to skip the NCAA track and field championships in Eugene, Ore., and then he reportedly showed up their a couple days later when he needed to make sure Quincy Watts would run the program.