You Have No Idea The Madness That Exists At USC

USC has poured a lot of money into its football support staff, including recruiting, the past two years.

A source in the athletic dept. said the money spent by athletic director Mike Bohn hasn’t always been efficient.

“One guy doesn’t even have an office, he doesn’t want one,” the source said. “He walks around all day and people don’t know what he does. He acts important.

“Another guy likes to play video games. He’s botched a couple meetings with recruits. Nothing really surprises me anymore (in the McKay Center).”

“They recently promoted a guy who had sent out some tweets on the official twitter account that had to be deleted, they were so bad.”

Who allows all this craziness to take place?

“You have to realize if (Clay) Helton likes you, you can do whatever you want,” the source said. “And then he has a couple deputies that will either let you do whatever you want or try to micromanage everything. It’s madness.”

This is the result of weak leadership. It permeates a lot of levels of management of the football program. And it is tolerated from the top down.